Monthly Archive:: September 2016

EMDR, traumatic imagery and police

Police are now recommending EMDR to fellow officers who are struggling with PTSD or associated symptoms Many first responders have found that EMDR helps them deal with the aftermath of tragedy in a much more effective way than other methods they may have tried previously.

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Why some people develop PTSD and others do not

I read an article this weekend from the Harvard School of Public Health, that captured my attention. Two Harvard researchers have done some pretty interesting work on PTSD and have branched beyond the normal scope of research to also look at the entire picture, encompassing the roles of genetics, the presence of physical disease

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What can EMDR treat besides PTSD?

  In a recent article on this subject, http://ThePsychologist.BPK.ORG.UK, Psychologist Robin Logie asserts that EMDR can be reasonably utilized in the treatment of many other psychological disorders beyond PTSD. Logie says EMDR has enough backing from sound scientific research to now be considered a comprehensive psychotherapy treatment approach, on par with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The

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