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The Top Ten Warning Signs of Possible Relapse

The reason the word “possible” is in the title is because everyone is different. ¬†What might be signs for someone else might not be signs for you. But I would be willing to bet that at least a few of these apply to everybody struggling with staying clean and/or sober. So without further ado,

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Free EMDR help in Orlando!

  The Orlando Trauma Response Network of the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Project is responding to those who were involved or have been impacted by the tragedy in Orlando this past weekend. If you or someone you know needs trauma assistance, please contact Cherilyn Rowland Petrie, LMHC, Trauma Response Network Coordinator at 407-677-0661 or email

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First Implant To Treat Addiction Receives FDA Nod of Approval-Substance Abuse, Indianapolis

Indianapolis–The FDA has approved the first-ever implant to help in the battle of addiction to opiates. These drugs, which can include painkillers like Vicoden and Oxycodone and other drugs in the same class, such as heroin, have become a national concern, given the soaring the numbers of people addicted and/or dying of accidental overdoses.

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